Free Resources
  1. Useful Contacts: Mind provides a list of useful contacts and organisations that offer support for alcohol and drug addiction.
  2. Talk to Frank: Frank provides information about local and national counselling and treatment services in England.
  3. Turning Point: Turning Point offers free and confidential services to individuals seeking help with addiction.
  4. NHS England: NHS England provides support for NHS staff dealing with substance misuse and gambling issues.
  5. SupportLine: Recovery Focus offers specialist support services to individuals and families dealing with addiction.
  6. Substance Misuse in Prisons: The Prison Reform Trust explains how prisons address drug and alcohol problems among inmates.
  7. NI Direct: NI Direct provides information on getting help with drug or alcohol problems, including emergencies.
  8. Oxfordshire County Council: Oxfordshire County Council offers information and advice for those affected by drug and alcohol problems.
  9. NHS Inform: NHS Inform helps users find help and advice for drug addiction in Scotland.
  10. YoungMinds: YoungMinds provides guidance for parents on addressing drug issues with their children.
  11. Substance Misuse Framework: The government of Wales offers guidance on psychological therapy and interventions in substance misuse treatment.
  12. Bupa: Bupa provides information and support for addiction issues, emphasising the importance of informed care.
  13. Bradford Council: Bradford Council advises individuals with drug or alcohol misuse concerns to consult their GP for assessment.
  14. StrongerMinds: StrongerMinds discusses the factors leading to substance misuse and addiction and outlines treatment options.
  15. Achieve Recovery Services: Achieve Recovery Services offers drug and alcohol recovery support in Bolton, Salford, and Trafford.
  16. Horizon: Horizon provides alcohol, drug, and sexual health support to residents of Blackpool.
  17. Practitioner Health: Practitioner Health addresses alcohol misuse and other addiction issues following good practice guidelines.
  18. Inclusion: Inclusion provides a range of services, including harm reduction interventions and recovery planning.
  19. Broadway Lodge: Broadway Lodge offers residential rehabilitation and detoxification for alcohol and drug addiction.
  20. The Salvation Army: The Salvation Army follows a harm reduction philosophy, offering support for safer drug and alcohol use.

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